Implementation of Porter Stemmer Algorithm V2 by Dr Martin F Porter

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Stem an inflected word into its base form using wink-porter2-stemmer. It is a part of wink — a growing family of high quality packages for Statistical Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in NodeJS.


Use npm to install:

npm install wink-porter2-stemmer --save

Example Build Status

// Load porter stemmer V2
var stem = require( 'wink-porter2-stemmer' );

console.log( stem( 'properly' ) );
// -> proper

console.log( stem( 'borrowed' ) );
// -> borrow

console.log( stem( 'stemming' ) );
// -> stem


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Stems an inflected word using Porter2 stemming algorithm.



stem( 'consisting' );
// -> consist

Returns string — the stemmed word.

Need Help?

If you spot a bug and the same has not yet been reported, raise a new issue or consider fixing it and sending a pull request.

wink-porter2-stemmer is copyright 2017 GRAYPE Systems Private Limited.

It is licensed under the under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.