Accurate & fast sentiment scoring of phrases with #hashtags, emoticons:) & emojis🎉

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Analyze sentiment of tweets, product reviews, social media content or any text using wink-sentiment. It is a part of wink — a growing family of high quality packages for Statistical Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in NodeJS.

It is based on AFINN and Emoji Sentiment Ranking; it's features include:

  1. Intelligent negation handling; for example, phrase "good product" will get a positive score whereas "not a good product" gets a negative score.
  2. Automatic detection and scoring of two-word phrases in a text; for example, "cool stuff", "well done", and "short sighted".
  3. Processes each emoji, emoticon and/or hashtag separately while scoring.
  4. Embeds a powerful tokenizer that returns the tokenized phrase.
  5. Returns the sentiment score and tokens. Each token contains a set of properties defining its sentiment, if any.
  6. Achieves accuracy of 77%, when validated using Amazon Product Review Sentiment Labelled Sentences Data Set at UCI Machine Learning Repository.


Use npm to install:

npm install wink-sentiment --save


// Load wink-sentiment package.
var sentiment = require( 'wink-sentiment' );
// Just give any phrase and checkout the sentiment score. A positive score
// means a positive sentiment, whereas a negative score indicates a negative
// sentiment. Neutral sentiment is signalled by a near zero score.
sentiment( 'Excited to be part of the @imascientist team:-)!' );
// -> { score: 5,
//      normalizedScore: 2.5,
//      tokenizedPhrase: [
//        { value: 'Excited', tag: 'word', score: 3 },
//        { value: 'to', tag: 'word' },
//        { value: 'be', tag: 'word' },
//        { value: 'part', tag: 'word' },
//        { value: 'of', tag: 'word' },
//        { value: 'the', tag: 'word' },
//        { value: '@imascientist', tag: 'mention' },
//        { value: 'team', tag: 'word' },
//        { value: ':-)', tag: 'emoticon', score: 2 },
//        { value: '!', tag: 'punctuation' }
//      ]
//    }


Check out the wink sentiment API documentation to learn more.

Need Help?

If you spot a bug and the same has not yet been reported, raise a new issue or consider fixing it and sending a pull request.

Copyright & License

wink-sentiment is copyright 2017-18 GRAYPE Systems Private Limited.

It is licensed under the under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.