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Open Source packages for NLP, ML and Statistics in Node JS to build production grade solutions

var t = require( 'wink-tokenizer' )();
  var hinglish = 'द्रविड़ ने टेस्ट में ३६ शतक जमाए, उनमें 21 विदेशी playground पर हैं।';
  var french = 'Mieux vaut prévenir que
  t.tokenize( hinglish );
  t.tokenize( french );

Natural Language Processing

Easily break paragraphs into sentences, tokenize them, POS tag each token and even detect named entities or analyze sentiments. Some even support multiple languages.

Machine Learning

Simplify intent detection for chatbots, classification of text or image, or prediction of continuous values such as price, turn-around-time using our Naive Bayes Classifier, Regression Tree, or Multi-class Averaged Perceptron.

const data = require( 'iris-data.json' );
  var p = require( 'wink-perceptron' )();
  p.defineConfig( {
    shuffleData: true,
    maxIterations: 6
  } );
  p.learn( data );
var stats = require( 'wink-statistics' );
    var regression = stats.streaming.simpleLinearRegression();
    regression.compute( 10, 80 );
    regression.compute( 15, 75 );
    regression.compute( 16, 65 ); // more data…


Perform fast and numerically stable statistical analysis using wink-statistics. It even handles real-time stream of data and incrementally compute the required statistic.

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