Part-of-Speech reference

winkNLP follows the Universal POS tags, a summary of which is given in the table below. The POS tags of a token can be accessed via the out( its.pos ) method.

Some POS tags are language and context dependent. For example, gerunds may be tagged as either VERB or NOUN. Look at the POS tag of the word “singing” in these two example sentences:

  • “I love singing/VERB.”
  • “Singing/NOUN is my hobby.”
POS tag Description Example
ADJ Adjective: Red, unique, rare, huge, happy That building is huge/ADJ!
ADP Adposition: There are prepositions and postpositions lik in, of, to etc. The dog jumped over/ADP the wall.
ADV Adverb: Very, happyli, briefly, soon The roads are very/ADV steep.
AUX Auxiliary: Do, did, is, am, are, should, must, will I must/AUX get some sleep.
CCONJ Coordinating conjuction: And, or, but I like tea and/CCONJ coffee.
DET Determiner: Words like an article, possessive, demonstrative, or quantifier. For example, my, that, few, etc. This/DET laptop is mine.
INTJ Interjection: Alas, oh, wow Wow/INTJ, what a beautiful day!
NOUN Noun: Man, dog, table, chair The woman/NOUN in the picture/NOUN is my mother/NOUN.
NUM Numeral: A word or number like one, five, 3.14, 100, etc. All visitors must pay $20/NUM.
PART Particle: 's, not, n't I am not/PART feeling well.
PRON Pronoun: You, I he, she, myself, what, who, something, nobody, mine I/PRON like coffee. What/PRON about you/PRON?
PROPN Proper noun: Words that refer to a specific person, place or thing like John Smith, London, UN, etc. Mary/PROPN lives in Chicago/PROPN.
PUNCT Punctuation marks: like ‘Period: .’, ‘Comma: ,’, ‘Parentheses: ()’ Hello,/PUNCT world!/PUNCT
SCONJ Subordinating conjuction: That, if, while Since/SCONJ he lost his money he couldn't go on the camping trip.
SYM Symbol: Currency symbols($), Mathematical operators(+,=), emojis and emoticons( :), 😝), etc. Hello :)/SYM
VERB Verb: Run, sing, develop I run/VERB 3 miles every morning.
X Other: Words that cannot be assigned any POS tag He is my मित्र/X
SPACE Space: New line (\n), tab (\t), return (\r) or any combination of these characters is tagged as SPACE. This tag is not based on Universal POS tags. Hello     /SPACE world!

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