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Obtain base form or lemma of nouns, verbs and adjectives using wink-lemmatizer.


Use npm to install:

npm install wink-lemmatizer --save

Getting Started

// Load wink-lemmatizer
var lemmatize = require( 'wink-lemmatizer' );

// Lemmatize adjectives
lemmatize.adjective( 'farthest' );
// -> 'far'
lemmatize.adjective( 'coolest' );
// -> 'cool'
lemmatize.adjective( 'easier' );
// -> 'easy'

// Lemmatize nouns
lemmatize.noun( 'knives' );
// -> 'knife'
lemmatize.noun( 'potatoes' );
// -> 'potato'
lemmatize.noun( 'men' );
// -> 'man'

// Lemmatize verbs
lemmatize.verb( 'eaten' );
// -> 'eat'
lemmatize.verb( 'pushes' );
// -> 'push'
lemmatize.verb( 'suggesting' );
// -> 'suggest'


Check out the lemmatizer API documentation to learn more.

Need Help?

If you spot a bug and the same has not yet been reported, raise a new issue or consider fixing it and sending a pull request.

About wink

Wink is a family of open source packages for Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Statistical Analysis in NodeJS. The code is thoroughly documented for easy human comprehension and has a test coverage of ~100% for reliability to build production grade solutions.

Copyright & License

wink-lemmatizer is copyright 2017-20 GRAYPE Systems Private Limited.

It is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.