readDoc(text) → { winkNLP doc }

This is the core API in winkNLP that transforms the input text string into a winkNLP doc, which is made of tokens along with sentences and entities. It is the centerpiece of your code. Make sure you have an instantiated winkNLP before running readDoc.

readDoc() accepts any text or variable in a JavaScript string format as its parameter.

There are many ways to read the input text:

  • Reading a text file from local disk or drive
  • Store text in a separate variable and use the variable as a parameter to readDoc()
  • Directly add text as a parameter to readDoc() API

The input text could be a word, a phrase, a sentence or more than one sentence.


// Read text from variable
const text = 'I work for AI Inc.';
const doc = nlp.readDoc(text);

// Read text as string
const doc = nlp.readDoc('I work for AI Inc.');

// Read text from file
const fs = require('fs');
text = fs.readFileSync('../sampleText.txt', 'utf8');
const doc = nlp.readDoc(text);

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